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19.02. – 26.05.2019

• Garagem Sul / Centro Cultural de Belém
Lisboa / Portugal


Moving Constructions – Histórias construídas

Exhibition Moving Constructions: Films from the architectural archive of the gta / ETH Zurich

Films in architectural collections tend to present a kind of discrepancy in that they are listed in the archival records but remain mostly absent from the construction of new historical narratives. Moving Constructions presents a reversal of this relationship, exposing fifteen films to new critical reflection.

The exhibition brings to light the collection of films preserved in the gta Archives. This collection was previously presented in gta Films—a curatorial project at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta Institute) at ETH Zurich. The existence of dozens of films collected and catalogued throughout the five decades of existence of the gta Institute providesstrong evidence for the claim that films are neither isolated nor occasional incidents in the history of this institute.

Starting from a very specific set of records housed in the archives of an architecture school, Moving Constructions is an invitation to cross disciplinary boundaries and geographical borders, as well as an overture to raise new questions about the often-problematic status of film within architectural archives.

Organized by: Garagem Sul + Lab2PT/Commissioner: André Tavares/Curators: Andreas Kalpakci, Jacqueline Maurer, Daniela Ortiz dos Santos in collaboration with: gta Institut / ETH Zurich/Suport: Pro Helvetia

Moving Constructionsis an adaption of gta Films. The texts in Moving Constructionsare derived from the brochure of the gta Filmsexhibition at ETH Zurich in 2017. A PDF of the brochure can be downloaded here:

gta Films/ Curators: Samia Henni, Andreas Kalpakci, Jacqueline Maurer and Daniela Ortiz dos Santos in collaboration with gta Exhibitions, ETH Zurich/Realisation: Daniel Sommer/Coordination: Sabine Sträuli/Administration: Sabine Sarwa/Copy-editing: Veronika Darius, Thomas Skelton-Robinson, Ulrike Steiner, Sabine Sträuli/Graphic design: Teo Schifferli/Assistance: Daniel Hättenschwiller/Place: Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Link to the gta Films

Link to the Workshop