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Prof. Dr. Anselm Wagner

Institut für Architektur­theorie, Kunst- und Kultur­wissenschaften, Technische Universität Graz

Anselm Wagner studied Art History, Philosophy and Classical Archaeology in Salzburg and Munich. He was a co-founder and first director of Gallery 5020 in Salzburg, and subsequently was editor of the art magazines frame and spike. Since 2010 he is Professor for Architectural Theory, and Director of the Institute for Architectural Theory, Art, and Cultural Sciences at TU Graz. He previously served as visiting professor at TU Wien, and the University of Minnesota/Minneapolis. Mr. Wagner is director of the FWF-research project “The Sun Houses of Konrad Frey” and publisher of the book series architektur + analyse by jovis, Berlin.

His latest publications are: Staub. Eine interdisziplinäre Perspektive (Dust. An interdisciplinary analysis) (in collaboration with Daniel Gethmann) Wien-Berlin 2013; Konrad Frey: Haus Zankel. Experiment Solararchitektur (in collaboration with Ingrid Böck), Berlin 2013 (Experiment Solar Archtecture); Is There (Anti-) Neoliberal Architecture? (in collaboration with Ana Jeinic), Berlin 2013. In preparation: Popular Terms in Architecture: A Dictionary and Architectural Guide, Graz (in collaboration with Sophia Walk).