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Frederike Lausch:

Faschismus und Architektur. Max Bächer’s confrontation with Albert Speer


In 1973, Max Bächer, architect, university professor, juror and critic, met Albert Speer, architect, former Nazi Armaments Minister and convicted war criminal. Frederike Lausch has taken the previously unpublished record of that meeting as the starting point to analyse Max Bächer’s intensive study of the relationship between architecture and Fascism. From 1971 onwards, Bächer presented several lectures on the architecture of the National Socialist period, in which he also warned of the dangers of contemporary Fascist tendencies. In 1978, the dialogue with Albert Speer ended with a strongly worded condemnation by Bächer, after Speer had published his designs in an illustrated book completely lacking in self-criticism. When Speer’s book was again debated in the mid-1980s, Bächer called for an ideology-free culture of discourse.

276 Seiten, deutsch / englisch
16 x 23 cm
Foreword by Oliver Elser and Philip Kurz
Graphic design: Matter of (MO-P-072), Stuttgart
M BOOKS publisher

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