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Mo 01.04.2024

• Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts


Schools of Applied Arts: Forerunners of a New Architecture Education?

Conference Date: 4-6 December 2024

Deadline for submitting proposals: 1 April 2024

The organisers ask all those interested to send proposals for presentations by e-mail to: (deadline 1 April 2024). The topic proposals should be submitted in the form of an abstract (max. 400 words) and a concise CV (max. 100 words).

The aim of the conference is to reflect on the teaching of architecture at schools of applied arts from a technical, didactic, personnel and structural perspective. The main questions will be centred on specific teaching concepts and content that have been practised supraregionally or at individual schools. Which teaching materials were used in architectural education and do they still exist in the form of collections? What is behind the subject of “Raumkunst” (spatial art) at the respective institution, and to what extent interior design and building construction are intertwined? Which was the influence of the resulting progressive conception of material, object and space as an irretrievable unity on the contemporary conception of architecture? What special features are there in new buildings for schools of applied arts – for example in Bielefeld, Dresden, Pforzheim and Weimar – in terms of archi- tecture and furnishings? How did the proximity to industry and its interests affect architectural education, which locations are particularly characterised by this? How did the directors of schools of applied arts, who often worked as architects themselves, and other key figures influence the direction of the educational institution and its curricula? What impact did schools of applied arts, their teachers and students have beyond their respective centres of activity? And finally, the question is raised as to what role the training or work at schools of applied arts played in the further careers of individuals.

The conference is organised by the Chair of Architectural History, Theory, and Preservation at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the Chair of Architecture and Art History at Darmstadt University of Technology and the research network “Pioneers of Design Education. New Perspectives on German Schools of Decorative Arts before the Bauhaus.” The conference is also the 4th annual conference of the research network.


Christiane Fülscher

Architecture History, Theory, and Preservation, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Christiane Salge

History of Architecture and Art, Technical University of Darmstadt

Anna-Sophie Laug

Department of Design, University of Pforzheim https:/

Research Network „Pioneers of Design Education.
New Perspectives on German Schools of Decorative Arts before the Bauhaus“ https:/