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Mi 17.01.2024

12h-14h (CET Time Zone)

• online


The Coimbra Bueno Archive: narratives of an urbanization company in the Brazilian hinterlands

Carolina Pescatori

The files of the Brazilian Building Firm Coimbra Bueno preserved in the collections of the School of Architecture, University of Brasília, serve as a point of departure for this lecture that intersects architectural archives, 20th-century town planning history and colonialism. This lecture is included in the program of the course “Housing and Social Justice: Spaces, Histories and Experiences“, offered in the Art History Department of the Goethe University Frankfurt.


Carolina Pescatori is an architect and urban planner, professor at FAU-UnB since 2011. She holds a PhD in Architecture and Urbanism from FAU-UnB, and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from the Pennsylvania State University /USA. She is currently head of the Graduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism at FAU-UnB. She leads the research group TOPOS – Landscape, Design and Planning, and collaborates in the LabArquivo, a research lab devoted to organization, preservation and diffusion of the FAU-UnB Archives. Her research addresses urban sprawl from a historical perspective, recognizing important precedents for this phenomenon in urban thinking and professional practice, and critically discussing the role of the private sector. She is co-author of the book “Post-compact city: design strategies from Brasilia” (Rio Books, 2022), along with Guilherme Lassance, Luciana Saboia and Cauê Capillé.


The lecture is held in English via Zoom.

For further information and registration please contact Daniela Ortiz dos Santos (



Image: Photomontage of The Coimbra Bueno Cia. Ltda. urban projects, n.d. Source: The Coimbra Bueno Archive, School of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Brasilia.