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Toward a Multifaceted History of Architecture and Internationalism


What happens to the notion of internationalism when we rethink it through the prism of architecture and experience? The workshop brings together a group of outstanding researchers and intellectuals at the cross-disciplinary encounter of environmental and architectural humanities and social sciences, to extend the existing boundaries in debates and thinking about the multifaceted history of internationalism and architecture. By thinking about the relationship between architecture and internationalisms as a dynamic process, the workshop invites new thinking about the place of architecture in the history of internationalism. The workshop is part of the Healthscapes Lab event series and is organised by Dr Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi at the University of Frankfurt um Maine and Dr Maziyar Ghiabi at the University of Exeter. It is supported by Johanna Quandt Young Academy at Goethe and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.



Sonali Dhanpal (Princeton University), Yasmina El Chami (University of Sheffield), Maziyar Ghiabi (University of Exeter), Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main), Sneha Krishnan (University of Oxford), Maja Lorbek (Vienna University of Technology), Michał Murawski (University College London), Dalal Mused Alsayer (Kuwait University), Daniela Ortiz dos Santos (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main), Pooja Sastry (University College Dublin), Olga Touloumi (Bard College), Mercedes Volait (the French National Centre for Scientific Research)