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Critique d’art: actualité internationale de la littérature critique

u. a. Daniela Ortiz dos Santos, Carsten Ruhl

Daniela Ortiz dos Santos: Des Archives Invisibles dans des institutions visibles: notes sur les documents de Max Cetto, introduit par Carsten Ruhl, in: Critique d’art: actualité internationale de la littérature critique, 54, 2020, 118-143.

The research on Max Cetto conducted by the Center’s coordinator Daniela Ortiz dos Santos could be regarded as a typical CCSA project. It started with an experimental seminar on the Cetto files kept in the DAM and subsequently evolved into a fascinating set of important questions targeting the self-understanding of architectural research: to what degree are narratives of modern architecture dependent on the displacement of ideas, people and archival materials? In what sense do architectural archives and collections have to be considered as machines of knowledge production, as has already been stated in cultural studies? And finally, what is the impact of the loss, invisibility or even ignorance of archival material on the way in which we consider the history of architecture?