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Fr 02.12.2022

10:15 AM - 12:45 PM

• Lecture Room Cas 1.811, Casino-Gebäude
Campus Westend. Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main


Mapping Critical Heritage

The colloquium has been conceived as a platform for exchange and dialogue between members of the Center for Critical Studies in Architecture and the Cultural Landscape Research Group at the Politécnica de Madrid (GIPC). It is open to the public and welcomes students, academics, as well as people with an interest in architectural history, cultural landscape and heritage studies.

This event is part of a number of joint activities taking place in Frankfurt and Darmstadt. It includes presentations, meetings, conversations and visits to partner institutions.




14h00              Visit to the DAM Archives with Anne Scheinhardt  [activity for speakers only]

16h15              Book Launch and Reception: „Neorealist Architecture: Aesthetics of Dwelling in Postwar Italy“ with David Escudero and Daniela Ortiz dos Santos

18h00             Talk by Alla Vronskaya: „The Talent-Meter: Space, Labor, and Architecture in Soviet Russia“ as part of the AO-Lecture Series „Designed Orders“ (Hörsaalzentrum, HZ 8)

19h30              Group Dinner



10h15             Welcome by Daniela Ortiz dos Santos & Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa

10h30            Introducing the GIPC Research Lab by David Escudero and Rodrigo de la O

10h40            Panel 1: Nicolás Mariné and Graziella Trovato in conversation with Lisa Beißwanger

11h10              Break

11h30             Panel 2: Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa and Diego Martín Sánchez in conversation with Pietro Cesari

12h00            Roundtable: members of both panels in conversation with the audience

13h00            Lunch: University Restaurant – Campus Westend of the Goethe University

15h00            Visit to the School of Architecture of TUDA with Frederike Lausch



Participants :

Francisco Arques, Lisa Beißwanger, Pietro Cesari, Rodrigo de la O, David Escudero, Frederike Lausch, Nicolás Mariné, Diego Martín Sánchez, Daniela Ortiz dos Santos, Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa, Anne Scheinhardt and Graziella Trovato.


This event has been conceived by Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa and Daniela Ortiz dos Santos.

Download Poster Here.