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11.05. – 13.05.2023

• Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main



The conference is dedicated to the difficult relationship between reference and contemporaneity in architecture. It addresses the conflict between both ideas. It hypothesizes that the narratives of reference often disentangle the actual dialectic of reference and contemporaneity in favor of a radical opposition: While reference relates in large part to the past, contemporaneity is focused primarily on present and future references of originality, actuality, innovation, and problem-solving. Both concepts each have different narrative and legitimation contexts and justifications. Methodologically, the papers called for by this conference introduce reference and contemporaneity as two normatively understood concepts that are different, but relate to each other at a critical distance – references only become problematic in their relation to actuality, while conversely contemporaneity comes into conflict with references that necessarily refer to conventions and to canonized knowledge.



Participants: Sarah Borree, Matteo Cassani Simonetti, Markus Dauss, Sara Ebrahimi, Dietrich Erben, Davor Ereš, Ole Fischer, Doris Hallama, Christa Kamleithner, Frederike Lausch, Daniela Ortiz dos Santos, Salvatore Pisani, Dennis Pohl, Achim Reese, Carsten Ruhl, Szymon Ruszczewski, Philipp Sarasin, Hande Tunç and André Tavares.



Prof. Dr. Dietrich Erben
Lehrstuhl für Theorie und Geschichte von Architektur, Kunst und Design Technische Universität München

Prof. Dr. Carsten Ruhl Kunstgeschichtliches Institut, Professur Architekturgeschichte Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

Location/OrtderTagung: Goethe- Universität Frankfurt am Main Campus

Casino- und Seminarhaus Theodor-W.- Adorno-Platz 1
60323 Frankfurt am Main


Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main KunstgeschichtlichesInstitut Professur Architekturgeschichte Campus Westend, Rostocker Str. 2

60323 Frankfurt am Main


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