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28.05. – 10.12.2021

• online


ROUNDTRIP II: From the Alps to the Andes and vice-versa. Le Corbusier and the members of the Latin America Modern Movement

Seven sessions on a monthly basis, presented by international researchers reflecting on some of the protagonists of the Latin American Modern Movement who have developed urban projects for the continent, contributing to the debate on the contemporary urban landscape.

The aim of these meetings is to reflect on urban projects, whether completed or not, the result of the exchanges of shared modernity between Europe and Latin America. Among the topics: the role of correspondence exchanges / the contribution of women architects / the realization of the urban proposals of the Modern Movement / preservation and enhancement of the heritage resulting from these exchanges.

CCSA Member Daniela Ortiz dos Santos presented the paper „Le Corbusier and Tarsila. Transatlantic Encounters“ in the panel In the wake of WOMEN within EUROPE and LATIN AMERICA.

Speakers of this panel included Miquel Maribel Aliaga and Luiza Coelho (Universidade de Brasilia), and Diego Romero Sánchez (Universidad Nacional de Colombia). The event was moderated by Carolina Quiroga (Universidad de Buenos Aires | Universidad de Belgrano).

Federica Ciarcià, Universidad de Belgrano | Visiting Professor Politecnico di Torino

Event conceived in collaboration with the Docomomo International.

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