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Winter Semester 2024/2025

• Goethe University Frankfurt

Erasmus+ BIP Program


The workshop “Spatial Practices and Housing in Frankfurt” is organized in the scope of a Blended Intensive Program from the Erasmus+ mobility program (BIP).

It integrates four partner institutions, the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, the Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Normandie, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Goethe University Frankfurt, while offering the opportunity for students and scholars to participate in an intensive learning project within an interdisciplinary and multicultural team.

This project expands and strengthens the exchanges initiated in the BIP “Living in Lisbon,” which took place in October 2023. The experience of the previous BIP enabled the construction of a pedagogical project on the housing question.

The result is an approach, which provides the workshop participants a series of perspectives and positions from art historians, architects, urban planners, landscape designers, sociologists, geographers and media studies scholars. In this sense, this BIP includes city walks, archival visits, group activities, students’ presentations, exercises with printed and digital material, and discussions with guest lecturers.

Additionally, it strongly benefits from an ample network of collaborators based in the Rhein-Main institutions, whose work shall provide meaningful insights and contribution to the project. Particularly relevant shall be the collaboration with members of the Center for Critical Studies in Architecture (CCSA), the Museum Giersch der Goethe-Universität, and the DFG-Research Training Group “Societal Transformation and Spatial Materialization of Housing.”

Conceived by Daniela Ortiz dos Santos and Carsten Ruhl, the BIP includes a virtual component and a physical component. The physical component is a five-full day event taking place in Frankfurt between the 21st and the 25th of October 2025. The virtual component consists of three online preparatory sessions of ninety minutes and two sessions succeeding the workshop in Frankfurt. The definitive program will be announced in the course catalogue and on the homepage of the Center for Critical Studies in Architecture (

Fifteen students from the Goethe University will be selected to participate in this workshop and a minimum of 6 ECTS credits shall be awarded. Please note that, if there are many students interested in attending this workshop, we will need to establish a selection process and an evaluation criteria.

Are you a GU student and want to know more about it? Join us in the introductory session on Tuesday July 9 2024 at 16h00. For registration please contact Daniela Ortiz dos Santos <>.

Download the poster here.