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Mo 12.12.2022


• online


Superimposed Readings over Territory: Two Spanish Case Studies on Heritage Resignification

Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Academic Guest at Goethe-University) + Javier Navarro de Pablos (Universidad de Sevilla)
Mod.: Daniela Ortiz dos Santos

4th CCSA Talk 2022/23

In this talk, Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa and Javier Navarro de Pablos introduce two case studies that will provide a starting point to discuss issues related to the resignification of some sections of the Spanish cultural heritage. On the one hand, the case study of the transformation of Spanish agricultural sector during the autarky period of Franco’s regime. On the other, the dynamics of the occupation of public space through rituals, festivals, events and happenings in the city of Seville. Both studies are connected through their methodological approach, that understands the transformation of the environment as a phenomenon that goes beyond its physical modification, delving into the environmental, social, cultural and emotional aspects associated with the territory.

Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa is an Architect (2016) and predoctoral fellow at the Department of Architectural Composition of the Madrid School of Architecture (ETSAM) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. She is currently developing his Doctoral Thesis on the environmental, social, and cultural transformations of landscape tied to industrial developments, revolving around the current narratives of landscape and heritage critical studies. After some years working as an architect in various architecture offices, she resumed her academic activity in 2020 through a predoctoral position funded by the UPM as part of the Cultural Landscape Research Group (GIPC). In 2022 she has been an Academic Guest at the Center for Critical Studies in Architecture (CCSA) in Frankfurt.
Javier Navarro de Pablos is an Architect (2015), Master in Architecture and Historical Heritage (2017) and Master in Urbanism, Planning and Urban Design (2019) by the University of Seville. He is currently developing his Doctoral Thesis (University of Seville and Università di Roma La Sapienza) on ephemeral occupations in public space and the potential of traditional expressions as a matter of contemporary creation. Obtained the National Degree Award and Scientific Publications Award at the XIII and XV Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. Has been guest lecturer at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Università di Roma La Sapienza, IUAV di Venezia and Texas Tech University.

CCSA Talks takes place via Zoom and will be later available on the CCSA YouTube-Channel.

Image, left: Backlit portrait of a farmer with tools and earthenware pitcher, 1965. Photo by Juan Miguel Pando Barrero. Pando Archive, signature PAN-099114-1, IPCE, Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte. Right: The sculpture of the Señor del Gran Poder (1620) leaving the Cathedral of Seville on May 3rd, 1939, to celebrate the end of the Spanish Civil War. Photograph courtesy of César Rina.