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Fr 30.11.2018

• Goethe University Frankfurt am Main


Tectonics in Brazilian Architecture. João Filgueiras Lima and the Rise and Fall of a Building Replication Model

Adalberto Vilela

Invited Guest Lecture in the course „Brazil Builds: Architecture and Utopia“ at the Art History Department of the Goethe University.

Adalberto Vilela holds a PhD from the gta Institute of History and Theory of Architecture of ETH Zurich. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Brasília, Brazil, with a master’s degree at the same institution. His research is focused on the developments of industrialized architecture in Brazil, with special emphasis on the work of the architect João Filgueiras Lima, Lelé. Ongoing investigations include the production process of prefabricated buildings using ferrocement as main material. In 2017 he published his master thesis on the residential production of Lelé „A casa na obra de João Filgueiras Lima, Lelé“ (EdUnB, Brasília).

Assembly process. Industrialized footbridge, Brazil. Design and drawing by Lelé, 1987. JFL Archives