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Di 04.06.2019


• Auditorium des DAM
Schaumainkai 43
60596 Frankfurt am Mai


Walter Gropius Comes and Goes

Karen Koehler

The lecture is followed by a Q&A session and a conversation with Frederike Lausch


Link to the Video


On the cover to his book, Apollo in the Democracy(1968), the architect Walter Gropius is shown in two competing portraits: in one image he wears a scarf and beret, looking like a member of the European avant-garde; in the other we see him in a bow-tie, as the cool-headed American designer and diplomat. I see these photographs as a telling indicator of the dualities of his legacy. Shifts in critical methods, changing views of the modernist canon, the itinerancy of the Bauhaus, years of exile and emigration, and the challenges of his postwar European return all demonstrate that, in manifold ways, Walter Gropius comes and goes.



Karen Koehler

Karen Koehler is professor of art history and 2016 recipient of Hampshire’s Gruber Award for Excellence in Advising. Koehler teaches courses in modern and contemporary art, architecture, photography, and design, with an emphasis on connections between the built environment, visual culture, and critical theory. She received her B.A. in English Literature and M.S. in Library Science from the University of Illinois, her Masters in Art History from the University of Massachusetts, and an M.F.A and Ph.D. in Art and Archaeology from Princeton University.


The Bauhaus lecture series is conceived as a commentary to the Bauhaus 100th anniversary. In fourteen lectures and talks, the reception, migration and critique of the Bauhaus and its architecture are presented through a critical perspective.

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