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15.11. – 13.02.2023


»CCSA Talks 2022/23«

Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi, Frederike Lausch, Amalia Barboza, Markus Dauss, Lisa Beißwanger, Ioanna Piniara, Sarah Borree, Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa, Javier Navarro de Pablos, Daniela Ortiz dos Santos, Birte Lebzien, Oliver Elser, Ignacio G. Galán, Evangelos Kotsioris, Beatriz Colomina, Anna-Maria Meister

Mo 28.11.2022


»AO-Vortrag: The Housing Question is a Feminist Question: Housing Commons for the «New Woman» of the German Werkbund«

Ioanna Piniara Moderation: Sara Borree

Do 01.12.2022

Book Launch & Reception

»Neorealist Architecture: Aesthetics of Dwelling in Postwar Italy«

David Escudero

Fr 02.12.2022


»Mapping Critical Heritage«

Di 06.12.2022


»Konzept Campus – Buchdiskussion der Neuerscheinung«

Tom Holert, Amalia Barboza, Markus Dauss – Moderation: Lisa Beißwanger

Mo 12.12.2022


»Superimposed Readings over Territory: Two Spanish Case Studies on Heritage Resignification«

Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Academic Guest at Goethe-University) + Javier Navarro de Pablos (Universidad de Sevilla) Mod.: Daniela Ortiz dos Santos

Mi 14.12.2022


»British Breakfast on Air«

Léa-Catherine Szacka

Di 31.01.2023


»Gründungsakte/n Heinrich Klotz. Werkstattbericht aus dem Archiv des Deutschen Architekturmuseums«

Birte Lebzien (Fellow der Wüstenrot Stiftung)
 Mod.: Oliver Elser

Mo 13.02.2023


»Radical Pedagogies: Institution and/or Resistance«

Beatriz Colomina, Ignacio G. Galán, Evangelos Kotsioris, Anna-Maria Meister


Externe Veranstaltungen

03.11. – 02.02.2023

AO Ringvorlesung

»AO-Ringvorlesung „Designed Orders“ im WiSe22/23«

Neorealist Architecture: Aesthetics of Dwelling in Postwar Italy


After World War II, a wave of Italian films emerged that depicted the life and hardships of characters left helpless after the conflict, bringing to the screen the struggles of a time of existential angst and uncertainty.

This form of filmmaking was associated with a broader artistic phenomenon known as ‘neorealism’ and is now considered a pivotal point in the history of Italian cinema. But neorealism was not limited to film any more than it was to literature. It spread to other areas of artistic production, including architecture. What was, then, neorealist architecture?

Neorealist Architecture: Aesthetics of Dwelling in Postwar Italy appeared in October 2022 by Routledge.

This book launch will be introduced by Daniela Ortiz dos Santos.


Dr. David Escudero is an assistant professor at the Department of Architectural Composition of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSAM-UPM), and a member of the UPM Cultural Landscape Research Group (GIPC).


Download the poster here.