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Winter Semester 2023/2024


• Goethe University Frankfurt
Campus Westend


Housing and Social Justice: Spaces, Histories and Experiences

Daniela Ortiz dos Santos

Housing has often been an object of research, debates and teaching proposals in Schools of Architecture. Housing, however, has rarely been the subject of analysis and discussion in architectural history courses offered in art history schools. This course examines how the housing question has been thematized, problematized and mediated in different media (daily press, architectural magazines, international organization protocols etc). It includes a series of city walks, exercises with printed and digital material, and discussions with guests. It also includes a visit to the exhibition “Protest Architecture. Barricades, Camps, Superglue” displayed in the DAM Museum.

Program Proposition (updated on 01.11.23)

Wed, 25.10.23 – Introductory Session

Wed, 01.11.23 Public Discourse (positions & discussions)

 [text by Jannière and Scrivano]

Wed, 08.11.23 Public Discourse (city walk)

[text by Löw]

Wed, 22.11.23 – Architectural Schools (workshop)

[online research]

Wed, 29.11.23 – Architectural Schools (positions & discussions)

[texts by Angélil and Hehl, Mosayebi and Krauss]

Wed, 06.12.23 – Workshop & Exhibit Habitar Lisboa

[text by Sequeira and Tavares]

Wed, 13.12.23 – Architecture Magazines (workshop)

Wed, 20.12.23 – Architecture Magazines (positions & discussions)

[texts by Lefebvre, Cohen and Grossman]

Wed, 10.01.24 – Exhibit Protest / Architecture (tbc)

[text by Elser, Dyck and Mayerhofer]

Wed, 17.01.24 – Guest Lecturer Prof. Dr. Carolina Pescatori from University of Brasília (online).

Wed, 24.01.24 – International Organizations (workshop)

[UN reports]

Wed, 31.01.24 – International Organizations (positions & discussions)

[text by Rolnik]

Wed, 07.02.24 – Closure & Discussions