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Di 28.06.2022


»Archives, Displacement and the Re-edition of Max Cetto’s „Modern Architecture in Mexico“«

Cristina López Uribe, Salvador Lizárraga Sánchez, Susanne Dussel Peters and Daniela Ortiz dos Santos

Sommersemester 2022

Talk & Conversation


Sommersemester 2022

AO Ringvorlesung

»Entworfene Ordnungen«


25.05. – 30.06.2022

»Architectural History and International Organizations Reflecting on Sources and Methods«

Summer Semester


Daniela Ortiz dos Santos

Summer Semester 2022

»Which Histories?«

Carsten Ruhl & Daniela Ortiz dos Santos

Externe Veranstaltungen

Crossed Looks on Art and Architecture Research. Experiments from Frankfurt and Rouen


The colloquium has been conceived as a platform for exchange and dialogue between members of the Center for Critical Studies in Architecture and the research laboratory Architecture, Territoire, Environnement based at the Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Normandie.




Day 1: Colloquium

14h30              Welcome & Visit to the DAM archives

15h30              Break

15h40              General Introduction

16h00              Introducing the CCSA

16h10              Daniela Ortiz dos Santos : “UNESCO making architecture culture

16h20              Frederike Lausch: “Yona Friedman and Eda Schaur’s Self-Help Manuals for the Global South. Architecture and Sustainability in the Context of Development Aid

16h35              Lisa Beißwanger: “Challenging the system? In Search of a Critical Approach to System-built University Campuses

16h50              Discussions

17h20              Break

17h30              Gabriel Bernard Guelle : “Teaching reinforced concrete at the beginning of the 20th century: a comparative study of the teachings of Edouard Arnaud at the Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (1921) and Emil Edler von Mecenseffy at the Technische Hochschule München (1911)

17h45              Valery Didelon: “In the Archives of Euralille

18h00              Caroline Maniaque: “Mai 68. L’architecture aussi !  Archives et mémoires 

18h15              Presentation by Camille Bidaud

18h25              Discussions and Conclusions

19h30              Group Dinner


Day 2 : City Walk

Morning: I.G.-Farben-Haus designed by Hans Poelzig

Lunch: University Restaurant – Campus Westend of the Goethe University

Afternoon: city center & Museumsufer


Participants: Lisa Beißwanger, Camille Bidaud, Markus David Dauss, Valéry Didelon, Oliver Elser, Gabriel Bernard Guelle, Frederike Lausch, Caroline Maniaque, Tricia Meehan, Daniela Ortiz dos Santos, Claire Rosset and Carsten Ruhl.

This event has been conceived by Daniela Ortiz dos Santos and Caroline Maniaque.

CCSA Colloquium




Kelly Sue Roßmann

Mythos Fliegen – Sakralität in der Flughafenarchitektur

Anne Winter

Carl Theodor Reiffensteins bildliche Rekonstruktionen von Frankfurter Ansichten als Illustration zu Goethes „Dichtung und Wahrheit“

Birte Lebzien

Franz… Wer? Der Architekt Franz Krause zwischen Anonymität und Anerkennung



Moritz Röger

Das Bild des Architekten im Spätkapitalismus Subjektkonstitution im Feld der Architektur in Zeiten der Krise


Contact: Lisa Chalco Bock